Our Team

Clark Echols – Founder & Small Group Leader

Trillium  founder and licensed mental health counselor Clark Echols has been dedicated to guiding individuals, couples, and families toward spiritual wellness for over 30 years. His specialties include practices of mindfulness and spiritual development as well as cognitive behavioral therapies for trauma, PTSD, and complicated grief and relationships. In supportive, small-group sessions that encourage interaction and experiential sharing, Clark facilitates emotional healing and life changes in participants’ lives.

Heidi Bright – Facilitator, MDiv,

Heidi understands the abject terror of a stage-4 cancer diagnosis, the deep hurt of divorce, and the terrible grief of losing her firstborn son to a heroin overdose. Through seven years of psychotherapy, Heidi gained skills to process her pain in healthy ways, and shares them through her traditionally published book Thriver Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer Journey and her Grieving an Addict blog. She combines these insights with years of facilitating small groups to bring compassion and clarity to Trillium Small Group Center.

Himavat IshayaFacilitator, The Healing Power of Soul Mechanisms

Himavat has been a teacher world wide of meditation and meditative practice since 1997, student of Sri Kaleshwar since 2008, and teacher of Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge: The Science of the Soul, since 2010. His mission has been to give you the proper tools for you to have that direct experience of the divine truth of who you really are.  You are a divine Soul having a human experience.

Himavat teaches in coordination with Nadira Seeram, accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and senior teacher of Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge.

Chris Albaugh – Facilitator, Holistic Lifestyle Enhancer

Chris specializes in unifying the energies of mind, body and BE-ing, utilizing universal principles and integrating them into daily practices.

He helps people who struggle with stress, anxiety, grief, trauma and being out of balance.  He offers the ability to be present and connect with unconditional love – self and others.

His training and knowledge are derived from both ancient and modern teachings of reiki, tantra, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy as well as ongoing study and practice. As a student of life, he knows that every step and mis-step, every take and mistake.

Chris has held an impressive number of jobs in a variety of fields’ -including sales, marketing, talent manager, business owner, actor, photographer, healer, speaker and talk show host. He has experienced great external success – he also knows what it is to lose everything. He has acquired real-world knowledge and wisdom.  His greatest desire is and always has been to help people.

Chris is original founder and visionary for Enhancing Your World. Besides recruitment, relationship enhancement and overall leadership, Chris lives, breathes and facilitates the GAUGE Method (Gratitude, Awareness, Unity, Growth, Energy). Each principle stands alone and all work harmoniously together. Customized to you, GAUGE weaves mental, emotional and physical energies into alignment, providing support and encouragement to live an authentic, happy, healthy and harmonious life. Find Chris at www.enhancingyourworld.com

Robin O’Neal – Facilitator, Creative Dream & Energy Enhancer, Writer & Copywriter

Robin specializes in deep listening, authentic encouragement, connecting the dots between concepts and people, and honoring dreams. 

She holds her M.A. in Communications, is certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. She practices reiki energy healing and is a teacher of Active Dreaming.

Robin is also a bestselling Amazon author and award-winning playwright. As Visionary and Founder of Laugh & Dream Creative Coaching and co-founder of Creative Collaborative Retreats, she has co-created and facilitated a wide range of creative connection programs that have directly impacted the lives of thousands of individuals. As a coach, she has worked 1:1 via phone and in written communication, integrating her skills and techniques to help people complete incomplete projects, explore and comprehend their dreams and create more joy in their daily lives. She is skilled and passionate about helping people who feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or stuck in their lives or in a specific project.  She has a deep understanding, respect and desire to walk with others as they navigate all aspects of the creative process in process.

 Most recently, Robin is excited to be co-partner in Enhancing Your World, where she provides leadership, marketing support, copywriting as well as creative program development.

You can find her at www.enhancingyourworld.com ,www.laughanddream.com and www.creativecollaborativeretreats.com

Toby Christensen – Facilitator, Release Your Sh*t & Reclaim Your Power

Toby is a Self Empowerment Trainer, musician, author, teacher and speaker. His deep commitment to his healing art has led him throughout the world seeking out wisdom from tribal elders, experts in human behavior and top mind science researchers. He is an expert and innovator in the field of healing music, sound therapy and tribal drumming. His mission is to help you reclaim your power and live life to the fullest!


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