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Interested in experiencing a small group? We’re happy to share more about our mission and values.

Transformation only happens when the participant experiences using an idea in their life which changes their view of themselves, and changes their relationships to others, to the divine, and to the earth.

Gauge Your Life

Do you ever feel..
– pulled in a zillion different directions?
– stuck in repetitive cycles & patterns?
– conflicted by the needs/desires of others?
– disappointed or consumed by unmet expectations?

GAUGE Your Life utilizes practical, compelling and proven principles to help move toward the healthy, fulfilling experience of life we all truly deserve.

Practicing Forgiveness

Authentic forgiveness stems from a deep faith that we are enough, that love is abundant, and that even though we have been wronged, we don’t have to spend our emotional energy trying to have that “debt” paid back to us. This kind of trust doesn’t come easily! It takes practice to train our minds to learn to let go of what’s not important, so we can make room for things that really matter.

“Practicing Forgiveness” offers a 5-week program for people to come together and focus on ways to learn to accept, forgive and love each other.

Mindful Communication Challenge

It’s easy for us to leap to the conclusion that someone else’s words mean what I would’ve meant by them if I were the one speaking for them. But the reason that someone has for speaking the words they speak stems from their essential humanity, so when we listen to why someone else is speaking we are treating them as human beings. Then and only then does our listening involve love for the neighbor.

Let’s build something together.

The Trillium model of small group experiences provides an infrastructure for the spiritual development and spiritual growth of people who are able to do the necessary work, including participating in the experiences that are the heart of the model. The intention is transformation, which is distinct from recovery or skill building.

Every Small Group is a 5 week series and will have a workbook that details the processes of each of the gatherings, provides readings for the following week, and suggests one or more work tasks each day, or for the whole week, that integrate the lessons of the workbook.

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